First steps before export to Russia

This article is a brief introduction for entrepreneurs, who want to export goods to Russia. Here you can find a list of legal entities to facilitate your activity, and tips on what to do before entering Russian market.

What to start with?

  1. Determine your target audience and make a profile of potential partners. What kind of partnership you are looking for distribution, retail, franchise, brand ambassador, branch office or agent?

  2. Find out your commodity code. There are few services that you might use (for example,

  3. Search for trade statistics goods, preferential goods, certification needed (for example, this database for UN countries or this one for APEC members).

  4. Take a look on competitors in the market and make research of the actual price. You might use marketplace info or search engines. The most famous marketplaces in Russia listed here.

  5. Be ready to think over the logistics chain. For better understanding, request the average price for delivering your products from trusted transport companies in your country.

  6. Make a decision, if your commercial proposal fits the russian market and make sure there is demand.

What and who can help: While searching for certain information, you might have questions about regulatory bodies, standards and technical regulations, intellectual property rights, tax and customs fees and so on. Here are some entities that might help you:

  1. The Federal Service for Intellectual Property: for intellectual property rights, patents and trademarks enquiries.

  2. Federal Tax Service of Russia: all the information about taxation for businesses in Russia.

  3. The Federal Customs Service regulates all goods imported into Russia.

  4. The Russian certification services: for questions about quality certification.

  5. Other trade representatives of your country in Russia: for example, the Bangladesh Embassy or the Chinese Embassy.

Do not hesitate to check if your country signed free trade agreements with Russia. FTA are special tariffs and duties that countries set on imports and exports to decrease trade restrictions and expand business opportunities. Russia has trade agreements with several countries including Armenia, Singapore, Serbia, Georgia, Viet Nam and New Zealand. More about current Russia trade agreements here.

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Doing Business in Russia