Capacity Building Workshop Series 1 on APEC MSMEs Marketplace Utilization

«Business mirror» about the event.

Entering international markets solo can be quite a challenge for today MSMEs. What to start with? Where to find potential partners? How to deal with them? An entrepreneur has to go a windy way to answer these questions.

To help entrepreneurs, we carried out the project «Capacity Building Workshop Series on APEC e-Instruments Utilization: Capacity Building Workshop Series 1 on APEC MSMEs Marketplace Utilization». The project was initiated to introduce one of the most helpful tools for exporters and importers - the APEC MSME Marketplace.

The workshop was held as a part of the project in Manila, the Philippines. It was attended by MSMEs, trade organization and government officials of different countries. Check out feedback of participants: Part 1, Part 2.

During the workshop, participants got to know the features of the platform. They also found out, what export tasks can be covered with the help of it. Here are some examples of these tasks:

- Searching for the relevant information. The platform contains all kinds of trade related information such as market volume, tariffs, import prohibited goods, import preferences, step-by-step guides to exporting and so on;

- Searching for trade organizations in APEC region, that support MSMEs;

- Searching for potential partners in specific APEC economy and developing an individual proposal;

- Searching for suitable marketplaces and posting there the product/service.

The participants showed a truly positive attitude to the materials that were developed by us to provide easier navigation through the platform. The materials were included in the Final Report (see Annex 2).

Some MSMEs moved forward to export straight away after the event has started. A local Philippine entrepreneur met potential partners from Korea during the workshop, and he already sent a batch. For us, it was the best project ending ever wanted.

We will share what else MSMEs may gain from the platform and how these information and tools will help to go global.

Capacity Building Workshop Series 1 on APEC MSMEs Marketplace Utilization 2019