Lead Generation and B2B Meetings

We communicate directly with your target audience and get feedback.


What would you get as a result?  

- Real-time information on market players and live feedback from your target audience in Russia, as a minimum and 

- First contracts signed, if you are ready and your offer meets the needs and demands. 

 The service includes:

- Market reasearch and making a list of potetial partners that perfectly meet profile 

- Collecting contact data of decision makers and other information on current activites of potential partner (cases, news, interviwes, other);

- Development an individual proposal on win-win basis;

- Sending an individual offer and getting feedback on it via email or phone calls;

- Answering initial questions from potential partners regarding the proposal;

- Online meetings organization to discuss detials and plan further communication;

- Comprehensive assistance before/during/after the meeting 

We can work with certain companies by your inquiry. Feel free to ask if can organize a meeting with desicion maker in that or this Russian company. Or get in touch (make a call) and get feedback on your offer, if you sent it by yourself and have no answer yet.