Export to Russia

Looking for info on Russian market needs, logistics details, competitors, prices and wondering if your product can be of interest in Russia? 


We are living in exciting times.

Everything is changing in the world: geopolitics, politics, markets, products and services, consumers even more...

Russia is waiting for you and we are here to help you to try Russia in action. 

Smart Business Trips team can be a part of your marketing team in Russia. We are ready to help you to explore the Russian market and facilitate your first steps in Russia. 

If you are interested to export to Russia, looking for relevant info from the Russian market, searching for partners, buyers, distributors, or carrying out projects in Russia, drop us a message to or make a call at +79138585508


Alexandr Verhovskiy,

CEO Nonex

"Smart Business Trips managed to build trust and ignite interest of potential partners. Their work saved me my time and expanded the pool of opportunities for business growth abroad.

The SBT team provided us with all needed information. There were a moderator and an interpreter during the meeting. A follow-up summary was prepared and sent to the partner to continue communication."


Alexey Kochetkov,

CCO Infomatix

"Collaboration with the Smart Business Trips company led us to a number of productive meetings. We reached an agreement on further cooperation with potential partners in the Czech Republic.

I would like to highlight the quality of preparation for initial meetings and establishing contacts, as well as punctuality and a high level of moderation."

Victor Vakhitov,

CEO Pixlpark

"The Smart Business Trips can be compared to a startup team that takes over tasks of entering new market.

Many IT people do not like direct sales, because it makes them to leave the comfort zone. SBT does it perfectly, they fight for every potential partner."